Tools to Help Small Businesses Manage Social Media

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving how are small companies expected to keep up? The little guy has a hard enough time running a business let alone finding extra time or money to properly market that business. Now more than ever companies are expected to have a strong social media presence to connect with their consumers.socialmedia-moneyThe majority (43 percent) of small businesses spend about 6 hours per week on social media (about the equivalent of one whole workday?) (King, 2015). When these small businesses are scraping by to pay rent, employees and other expenses wasting a whole day a week on social media can be a big hit to their business. If that hit wasn’t enough to do on their own it is almost impossible to pay another company to manage it for you; leaving these small businesses with no options but to do it themselves.

In knowing that small business owners will most likely manage their own social media here are some tools that can really help make the process easier. First and foremost is Hootsuite which is a great tool to help manage your accounts. Hootsuite is a social media management platform, and as such it lets you manage your social media channels; you can also use it to delegate tasks with other users, making it a great option for a team platform. (Donkor, Date N/A). Hootsuite can support; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram. Users can choose up to three platforms to be supported through their account. Then they can write and schedule posts to go out at times throughout the day and week. This allows users to create social media content for their site on one day and manage an account all week long generating new posts without having to do additional work each different day of the week. ora_1607_socmedguid-dmd-1920Using Hootsuite can be a huge time saver for anyone who does not have time all week long to manage their accounts, but recolonizes the importance of creating new posts for users. Social media offers your business a perfect way to be seen by your target audience’s eyes and build awareness around your brand/company. Remember that regular posts about the latest company, as well as industry, news will help your business be seen as an authority within the industry. (Istvanova, 2014).

Once your small business has set up an easy way to make posts to social media for you the next step is to monitor how your company is doing. The age old story in digital media is analytics, analytics, analytics. Did I say it enough because when it comes to tracking performance there is no better way than Socialbakers. This social media tool will not only help you track how you are doing in general but it also compares your business to competitors to see how you stack up. Socialbakers has an effective tool called Analytics Pro, which provides an understanding of how your brand stacks up against your competitors, specifically across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—for now. (King, 2013). social-media-analytics-1Socialbakers helps empower small businesses when it comes to using social media to connect with consumers. The bottom line is the more a business connects with its consumers the more potential for growth that business will experience. Having the ability to see how your business stacks up against others in your field can only help you adjust your plan and grow further. Socialbakers is the tool to help do that and the bottom line is that small businesses cannot afford to go without using this tool.

Here I have discussed just two tools that can help bring your small business to the next level with your social media management. There are plenty of other tools currently on the market and my best advice is to do additional research. Look into other options and try different tools play around until you find what works best for While I am a solid believer that these two tools can help your small business the best they may not work for you. The real bottom line is if you are not using these properly and they are not really working for you it is time to try something new. The best advice I can give is to try things until you find what really works best for you and your company.



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