The Current State of Social Media in Digital Marketing

I work in the digital marketing industry so to describe the current state of Social Media within my industry is kind of silly; mainly because my industry strongly involves the use of social media. Many companies within my industry used to offer some sort of social media packages but that has slowly gone away. At first in the industry this was a light easy way to make a few extra dollars off of companies who did not have the time, energy or knowledge to handle managing social media. The average company cannot pay what it truly costs to manage social media. You need to be live and up to date things happen very quickly. You also have to really know your shit when it comes to a company, brand or product and not all marketing or PR agencies can afford to spend the time doing that. influencers1So as social media marketing evolved many companies started to walk away. New in line will be the influencers. Influencers are going to start disappearing. Brands are going to start realizing the amount of followers you have doesn’t mean shit. Just because photos look good and have 200,000 followers means nothing. You can’t rely on content creators all day long. For the influencers, their entire business is about relationships and friendships. (Pathak, 2016) All and all social media is best manages by companies in house or if you have a large enough budget to really pay a second company to function as if they are an extension of your current company.


Companies that are on top of their game use as many tools ad possible to manage social media accounts. While my company personally will no longer manage or post to social media for our clients we still like to keep tabs on it. One first and foremost from an SEO perspective we want to see things re being added and updated  to a client’s social media profile.  Econsultancy’s State of Search Marketing Report 2013, in which 74% of companies and 82% of agencies surveyed said that social media is either somewhat or highly integrated into their SEO strategy. (Gray, 2015). Knowing this potential upsell it is important for my firm and others in the market to stay relevant and keep up with clients social media game. The best way to do this is implement the use of several different social media tools which do the majority of the work for us. I know personally; when I have clients contact me that they are over whelmed with the amount of social media they have to update I always recommend Hootsuite to those clients so that they can continue to get work done but also stay up to date with their social media game. It is extremely helpful that people cannot pre date and time posts.

All and all I would say that in my field we either ran it currently run it or monitor social media for clients. While this is not an easy task it is one that we accept comes with the territory of digital We need to always find the new applications or tools that hit the market. Not only to see if they could help us but to see if they could help our clients get their jobs done correctly and easily. As people spend more time on social media, consuming more content than ever before, you might think that the space is saturated so getting involved isn’t justifiable. (Gurd, 2017). With how fast this is growing, changing and adapting it is very important for my field to stay up to date and current with all social media platforms, apps and tools; they will be the future of our industry.


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