Project Management Application Proven to Help Your Company Succeed

basecamp-logoWorking in the tech and digital community is tough, rather than being in person people are often across the country. This is an industry where the physical office does not always exist. People work from home all over the country and or world while all still being on the same team working to achieve the same product. Over the years, the idea of a digital agency has evolved. Since we’re working primarily online building websites, apps or creating strategies for social media, agencies have the opportunity to be more flexible. This includes more flexibility in locations, time of day, and allows a company to go after the best talent without being bound to a geographic area. (Schroeher, 2016).

mobile-apps-for-basecampWith this changing environment companies need to find new ways to stay connected. Aside from screen shares and conference lines to stay connected and create environments that people can collaborate in. Most importantly companies need project management systems that everyone can easily use and access to stay on track for each project. One project management system that also functions as an application that helps make working together remotely easier is Basecamp. How It Works: Organize projects that serve as a central location for all work and contain discussions, files, multiple to-do lists, notes and events. Multiple project displays: project cards, lists, calendar, discussions, all files, remaining tasks, progress, personal activity log. (Shin, 2014).

1-qkvcvo4nvq2a4phklehvnwBasecamp is probably the most well-known project management app on the market. This application is great as it is user friendly which creates a very easy to use application. Basecamp has made several extensions that have only improved the application and will continue to improve it. Through this idea Basecamp has developed itself into the technology leader they became today. Any company that is in need of a project management in order to help them manage employees who are all in house or those that may work remotely; Basecamp is the solution to this issue.


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